Christian - The LION

05 August 2008

Read about this from a friend's blog. The true love between we human being and animals can be such great. Believe it or not? Read on.

In 1969, Australian John Rendall and his friend Ace Berg bought a lion cub (named Christian) from a department store and brought it back to London to live with them.

Note: Christian and John Rendall at home.

They raise Christian until he grew from 35-pound cub into 185-lbs adult lion and noticed that they couldnt keep him much longer. They then reintroduce Christian to his nature, rehabitated and released him to the wild Africa.

Note: Christian posing in his living place in London.

In 1974, both of them decided to visit Christian for one last time. Here's the video taken during their reunion with Christian. I repeated the video a few times, and its real touching when Christian hug both of them, like he is seeing his old friends. Never thought that the love between human and wild animal can be that strong.

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Interesting to know.

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