First Day - Health Day

06 August 2008

Note: Red Apple. Edited from

After 3 months attached to Operations department, today is my first day officially working under DHL Customer Service department. As its nature, first day always tend to be boring because no much work will be assigned, rather they will start with light briefing.

Honestly, I felt a bit disappointed when I get to know the real content of the work. Erm, its kinda too routine, and too easy. This is my problem. I knew it well. I often have this kind of thought, that easy routine work (making/receiving calls together with writing superb simple report) made me mushrooming. Then, I counseling my mind a bit by telling myself some positive view of this new job. Should be alright then. Every jobs have its own boredom.

Today is the Healthday for my department too. I got a red apple from the manager. As the well known quote, "An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away". Hope the little red apple colored the first and rest of my days in this new environment.

Red Apple Bless Maike.


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