Enaz Farewell

22 August 2008

Found bunch of photos in my thumb drive yesterday. Taken on Enaz last day in DHL. Honestly, the first day when I report to the head office, one of my colleague resign and couple of days later is Enaz last day. These rise the red light of the company's stability. Obviously from intern journey until now as an executive, the turnover here is really high.

Note: She's short, but quite rounded. Opps...

I had some kinda culture shock in the operations department. Its not all about working hard there, rather they make serious jokes and crapping more often. But there is one thing I like about their style, which is "Work Hard, Play Harder".

Note: Grab Papaya posing. 18sx !!!

The Indian lady was my supervisor during my internship. They are still young minded can? because she posed that way as if she wanna grab something from Enaz's body. wakakak...


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