Kalukattai Laddu ?!

03 September 2008

Thats not an alien language, no worries. Colleague's mama made some Indian Kuih and she brought some to let us try. Thats a name of an Indian Kuih (some said Indian Wantan). I think thats another way they want to bring the idea of that kuih to me. Basically, something looks like wantan, special content covered by dough, white colour. (Taste totally different from Wantan)

Note: Know how to cook this? Click Here.

No offense. Taste totally different from Wantan doesnt mean its not nice. Just that I dont like the taste of Kalukattai that much. Maybe because of some kind of oil and Indian spices they used. Sorry to my colleague because I showed weird face after I took a very small piece of Kalukattai.

Here's another one, Laddu.

Note: Just love Laddu. Wanna have more can?

See the colour then you know. Its an Indian Kuih. Haha. Most probably because of the dark yellow, where most of their foods tend to be in. I dont know what are the ingredients they use to make this, but I just love this.

You know what I learned today? I learned two Indian Kuih. Next time shall ask for more Laddu and say no to Kalukattai. Thanks THIRO-Chelvi my cute colleague.


Blogger Forever HL said...

ur colleague is an indian izzit?^^
ermm...doesnt laddu taste weird?hehe....just my opinion la...^^


October 21, 2008 at 2:46 PM  

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