Rojaking before Famine30

23 August 2008

Today after my bored morning in the office, I went to Subang again for the famous Indian Rojak. This food is better known as Pasembor in the North. You can see a lot of people queuing for their Rojak, even though the weather is hot and the sun is strong. And one special thing is that they dont provide any table nor chair. I guess this is one of their strategies, to let others have the perception on how good their Rojak is that these people actually willing to sacrifice for it. But honestly their Rojak is really good.

Note: Penangites call this Pasembor. Nice.

Here you can see how aunty uncle, indian chinese or malay queuing up for the Rojak. After you have the Rojak, they sell Cendol at the other end to cool you down from the Rojak heat. Good business idea. Dont talk much about their Cendol because I myself prefer Taiping's Cendol than theirs. If you wanted to try Cendol in Taiping, must ask me then.

Note: Its a must-try experience of queuing long long for Rojak.

After Rojaking and Cendoling, I went to Pyramid for window shopping. Was searching for cheap and nice pouch for tomorrow but ended buying nothing. Money difficult to earn ark so gonna spend wisely. My friend will lend me his pouch. Tomorrow going to become Famine30 Volunteer, doing balloon sculpting. I cut all my nails already purposely for this. Tomorrow should be a great day. Yeah!

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Blogger SIMMY said...

haha....u should tell me u go pyramid dee 23 also at there...half day was there dee..haha..hanging around and buy the thing...haha

August 24, 2008 at 6:01 PM  
Blogger maike said...

hey bro~
how I know you're there?

August 28, 2008 at 8:19 AM  

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