Drowsy then ever

20 November 2008

Note: Can you smile when expected storm coming over?

It has been ten days after the previous post, that I am away from here. Too many things happen in between, company restuctured in United State causing millions of employees threatened. It is a big news to the world, trainings and meetings scheduled up on how are we going to respond to customer's questioning if there is. This is indeed a positive move for DHL, as to reduce its operations losses in the state. Now that we are going to focus more on international business, and to strengthen the firm stand in Asia Pacific region, to move forward facing growing competition from UPS and TnT. What is good here, they are too dependent on state's business, while even we already letting go the domestic state business, we still have strong influences in other region. Fight no ending.

Here is Malaysia office, restructuring going on too. Three manager's position has been taken off, while replacing with lower cost Supervisor post. Contract staff were all threatened, and you can feel the moodiness of them in the office. The atmosphere is so tense, and our future is so uncertain. I dont feel much impact from that, reason being I am still considered very new to this organization, and as what my colleague always said, I dont have financial commitment. Maybe.

Friday gonna have a meeting with National CS Manager, where we will be informed of our "destiny". Haha. Will my rice bowl still there? Revealed tomorrow.


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