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02 November 2008

How lucky I am, first time DHL taking part in Customer Service International Week celebration, I am in. Although I am not the committee of the event, but I volunteered myself to help them. Lets prepare for it...

Note: First day souvenir for all cs agent. Name Plats.

Note: Pump + tie balloon is not easy, but its fun doing it together.

We were using all high quality balloon which made it harder to pump and tie. Imagine, its a few hundreds of balloons to be up for the whole department. It reminds me of my first time clowning when my finger bleeding just because of tying balloons.

Note: I really help on the day before to deco our department.

Note: Opening directors rehearse the next day grand opening.

Note: We KFCing for lunch. Hehe.

Five pictures for now. There's gonna be more coming up to share with you guys. I created one video summarizing the whole week events too.

Stay tune.


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