Choco + Milk + Chimps

14 December 2008

Note: I just like this without reason.

Yesterday went dinner at Secret Recipe. Not really hungry because I ate a lot for lunch. So I ordered one slice of Chocolate Indulgence + one glass of Cold Fresh Milk. Healthy right? I think so.

Buddy got 2 free movie voucher,so we went to TGV after dinner. Wanted to watch Earth Stood Still but most of the nice seats were sold. I dont like to sit near to screen, rather opt for other movie. Space Chimps you heard about it? Its a cartoon, which I seldom watch cartoon, and it doesnt sound worthy to watch cartoon in cinema. Whatever it is, there is no much choice, and we had to pick that.

My friend was complaining of the over childishness of the cartoon, at the beginning of the show. But I find it Okay throughout the roughly 80 minutes show. At least doesnt make me feel sleepy like others did, and its quite interesting and compact for the 80 minutes.

Hope he doesnt regret watching Space Chimps with the 2 free movie voucher. Haha.


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