Horsie Slow Down

17 December 2008

Note: slower and slowest it goes...

Mary-go-round and Horsie-slow-down. What kinda crap is that? Just dont bother me too much. I just want to nonsense a bit to release my stress. =p

Time passing slower and slowest. From the start of the day until it ends, things doesnt stop queuing up to my mind, being the main factor to the rising of stress / worries / frustration. There is no way to run away from them, its not a right way to avoid them if you really wanna grow. I told my friend, no matter what comes in, I have to find my own way to cope with it, it might be hard as what I am facing now, but there will be a day when I am expect to them. (I can?)

Sometimes very confident to myself, sometimes and somehow things happen to make me suspect my own ability. Am I the right person for this? I try to take whatever you feed to me, but am I able to digest them all?

Just believe I will go through the hard part for better tomorrow.


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