[not so] Glamor Night

21 December 2008

Note: Not so glamor punya Glitz & Glamor Night.

Yesterday was a night of glitz and glamor. I simply grab one of my abandoned shirt. Fine? Okay fine. Bring one jacket together, will wear on only when I arrived in Hotel, because I knew I have to follow my manager back to office to move some lucky draw prizes from 28th floor to lobby. (of course we use lift)

When I arrived in Hotel, ballroom was rather a very small one, as it is for department celebration only. Fine. When guests (colleagues) starts arriving, some are superb glitz, but some are rather cincai, like going to office look, and some like going to shopping or pasar kinda shirts. My jacket? No need to wear la, just a informal and casual party perceived from what I can see.

Performances from other group were so nice. My team one, initially plan to do rehearsal before the show starts, but everyone seems to be late delayed by the stupid jam in bukit bintang area, and also the not-vey-known location Dorsett Regency Hotel. Our performance is much like rehearsal rather than performance. Too lousy to be showed, and too ugly to be watched. Haih. (I am not the director)

Manager sat beside me, ask me follow on whatever he eat. I had desserts first, followed by seafood soup. I was quite fulled already but he insists I have to had main dished with him. And we took beef; lamb; fish; chicken; and some vege. Of course he is taking BIG portion and I am taking real small one. Until the last round, spaghetti. I really cannot push all in, feel like vomiting already, because of the not-so-nice sauce, and lessability of my stomach to take more food.

The party was okay, but it would be nice I could win some prizes from lucky draw session. Sadly its not my night. Had some beer, chit chat and hig hug, first time ever disco dance... [END]


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