Mobile Number Portability

30 August 2008

Got a mobile phone? Then you must read this.

Note: Copied and Edited from DiGi and Maxis website.

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is the ability for users to switch to a new mobile service provider, while retaining their existing mobile number. MNP is a government directive and regulatory requirement. There will be a Limited Live Trial from 29 August, to early October 2008. MNP will officially be launched in Malaysia from early October 2008 onwards.

Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor said "Service providers are allowed to charge up to RM25 each time subscribers change their mobile phone service provider. This will give the users choice and freedom to choose their service providers without the inconvenience of having to change their numbers."

So in the very soon future, while holding a 012-prefix number, you might be a celcom/digi/umobile user but not necessary to be maxis/hotlink. The same goes to other prefixes.

Want to know more?
> Info by Maxis Web
> Info by DiGi Web

DHL CS Merdeka Day

29 August 2008

Note: Happy Merdeka by DHL Customer Service Team.

Two more days to our Merdeka Day. How are you going to celebrate it? Someone from my company come out with a brilliant idea. I received a broadcast email early this week, announcing the Merdeka Theme - where everyone has to come in office with traditional wear.

I went to office today, by just a normal red polo. Who cares? I dont have traditional clothes tak-kan I need to go and buy one purposely for this. Very sorry to everyone who looks very traditional today. Luckily got some kawan accompany me too. One of my senior actually took leave just because she dont have clothes for this theme. Apelah. I look forward for the theme on next Friday and will try my very best to wear according to it. Haha.

FYI - We have a Theme every Friday.

30-Hour Famine

25 August 2008

I gave my only rest day of the week to Famine 30. ChingWei invited me, and so ngam Yammi and Shinji are interested with it too. We then volunteered to help up in programme group. I was assigned to be doing balloon sculpting, where we make balloon hat as little gift to those who donate at least RM1 to the fund.

Note: Emcee refers us as Balloon Girls and Balloon Boys.

Besides ballooning, some other helpers were sandwiched by two information boards. They need to walk around, I guess to spread the useful info to the campers. They are the mobile billboard for the day. Clap clap for them! The other group is in-charge of doing face painting. Its a free service to everyone. You can ask them to draw whatever you like on whichever part of your body.

Note: Two Sandwich girls wandering in the stadium before the event starts.

Note: Our very pro Mr.Painter put some art on camper's hand.

The organizer plan a couple of games involving the celebrities and campers. Its not just-for-fun game, rather every single game has their respective meanings. Hopefully campers did learned from these games.

Note: Daniel, Tate and DJs joined in the game.

Note: Sky tak cantik because raining. Campers show teamwork to overcome it.

Felt kinda touching when I saw them joining the estimated 5000 people in the stadium. Although they are special from us, and they might have difficulties to move from their origin to here, but they still made their effort to participate. They show their support to the event too. What about us? We definitely should do more than that.

Note: Bravo to our supportive angels.

Note: At the end of the day, organizer gave us some acknowledgment.

I havent got the ability to adopt a child, but will do so in the very soon future. Our contribution of little RM50 per month actually helps a lot. If you have the ability, please help by sponsor a child today!

>World Vision Malaysia<

Rojaking before Famine30

23 August 2008

Today after my bored morning in the office, I went to Subang again for the famous Indian Rojak. This food is better known as Pasembor in the North. You can see a lot of people queuing for their Rojak, even though the weather is hot and the sun is strong. And one special thing is that they dont provide any table nor chair. I guess this is one of their strategies, to let others have the perception on how good their Rojak is that these people actually willing to sacrifice for it. But honestly their Rojak is really good.

Note: Penangites call this Pasembor. Nice.

Here you can see how aunty uncle, indian chinese or malay queuing up for the Rojak. After you have the Rojak, they sell Cendol at the other end to cool you down from the Rojak heat. Good business idea. Dont talk much about their Cendol because I myself prefer Taiping's Cendol than theirs. If you wanted to try Cendol in Taiping, must ask me then.

Note: Its a must-try experience of queuing long long for Rojak.

After Rojaking and Cendoling, I went to Pyramid for window shopping. Was searching for cheap and nice pouch for tomorrow but ended buying nothing. Money difficult to earn ark so gonna spend wisely. My friend will lend me his pouch. Tomorrow going to become Famine30 Volunteer, doing balloon sculpting. I cut all my nails already purposely for this. Tomorrow should be a great day. Yeah!

>World Vision Malaysia<

Enaz Farewell

22 August 2008

Found bunch of photos in my thumb drive yesterday. Taken on Enaz last day in DHL. Honestly, the first day when I report to the head office, one of my colleague resign and couple of days later is Enaz last day. These rise the red light of the company's stability. Obviously from intern journey until now as an executive, the turnover here is really high.

Note: She's short, but quite rounded. Opps...

I had some kinda culture shock in the operations department. Its not all about working hard there, rather they make serious jokes and crapping more often. But there is one thing I like about their style, which is "Work Hard, Play Harder".

Note: Grab Papaya posing. 18sx !!!

The Indian lady was my supervisor during my internship. They are still young minded can? because she posed that way as if she wanna grab something from Enaz's body. wakakak...

Secret behind the photo

21 August 2008

I went back to Taiping to shot this passport size photo purposely for my interview. Surprisingly, they are the best ever formal photo I had. 100% satisfaction. Thanks to myself for the posing and great smile. Arigatou to the photographer of course. And special thanks to the two fellas that accompany me on that day.

Note: Sample sahaja. Dont simple copy ok?

Every successful man had a supportive women behind him. Every accomplishment must sacrifice something behind it too. Here are the behind scene looks which contributed to the photo.

Note: Dare to wear like this indoor only. Semiformal lol.

Formal shirt with short bottom seems like some freaky style artists had during red carpet isnt it? I guess I saw something similar before. I am not copy cat but just so happen to be similar.

Note: Walau eh... slipper samore... tak match kan...

Blues Unique Day

20 August 2008

Note: Double Up
and today is 20082008.

Today is 20082008 which is 20th August 2008. I thought it will be a great lucky day for me and everyone. I sent out sms wishes to some of my friends, and hope that got the blessing from this unique day too. Who knows, its totally different.

I went to LRT station as usual at 730am, and they were having some technical and operational difficulties, so the train not moving. I cant go to the office on time, and only be able to arrive in my office at 10am.

Back from office to my brader's place at 6pm, and need to wait for him to drive my car back as he drove to his office. Then only I realize someone lock the door, which I dont have the key to access and gonna wait outside the house. Blue rainy evening.

Everyday is unique as it only appears once.

Tomorrow will be another bright day.

Convocation - My Family

19 August 2008

Whats the first thing I do when I leave the convocation hall? Like lost duckie looking for mama lar. Its definitely too crowded until you cant find them and the first thing is to fix a meet up point before the event. Here they are:

Note: My Lovey Mum. Without her I wont be there. Thanks Mum. Love you.

Note: Elder sister in purple shirt. Thanks for the laptop bag.

Note: Charming ler my second sister. Thanks for rushing back from S'pore.

Note: My gor gor. Thanks for being my one-day camera man.

Back from Convocation

18 August 2008

Note: Little Lily from Shinji. Nice ka?

Back from my convocation. Got lots of wishes and gifts from friends and family. Lots of happy moments on that day. Its damn tired but should be worthy right?

More photos coming up.

Boring Nasi Lemak

12 August 2008

Note: Previous Manager likes to pronouns it this way. Nashi Lomak.

Last Saturday I had my first time eating nasi lemak using hand. My colleagues were saying that I need to adopt their culture and style, which one of it is eating using hand, as majority of the company's staff are Indian and Malay. Anyhow, I still not comfortable making my hand oily. Next time will make sure that I got spoon when they buy nasi lemak with plastic spoon, otherwise, dont want to eat.

Working life here still boring. Crapping helps to kill time.

Lets crap around then. Ang Gong please bless me.

The Silly Maike

07 August 2008

Note: The silly me. Will you laugh at me too?

The very best thing of my current job is, I can leave the office sharp at 530pm. However the very bad thing is, I need to go to office for half day on Saturday although there will be nothing to do. Getting an average salary but doing little work sounds good too, but can I really learn from this job? Stop questioning man. I complaint too much.

Today I start to practice doing notification phone call to customer. I made some silly mistakes for the first few calls. They laugh behind me. I am silly. I know.

First Day - Health Day

06 August 2008

Note: Red Apple. Edited from

After 3 months attached to Operations department, today is my first day officially working under DHL Customer Service department. As its nature, first day always tend to be boring because no much work will be assigned, rather they will start with light briefing.

Honestly, I felt a bit disappointed when I get to know the real content of the work. Erm, its kinda too routine, and too easy. This is my problem. I knew it well. I often have this kind of thought, that easy routine work (making/receiving calls together with writing superb simple report) made me mushrooming. Then, I counseling my mind a bit by telling myself some positive view of this new job. Should be alright then. Every jobs have its own boredom.

Today is the Healthday for my department too. I got a red apple from the manager. As the well known quote, "An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away". Hope the little red apple colored the first and rest of my days in this new environment.

Red Apple Bless Maike.

Christian - The LION

05 August 2008

Read about this from a friend's blog. The true love between we human being and animals can be such great. Believe it or not? Read on.

In 1969, Australian John Rendall and his friend Ace Berg bought a lion cub (named Christian) from a department store and brought it back to London to live with them.

Note: Christian and John Rendall at home.

They raise Christian until he grew from 35-pound cub into 185-lbs adult lion and noticed that they couldnt keep him much longer. They then reintroduce Christian to his nature, rehabitated and released him to the wild Africa.

Note: Christian posing in his living place in London.

In 1974, both of them decided to visit Christian for one last time. Here's the video taken during their reunion with Christian. I repeated the video a few times, and its real touching when Christian hug both of them, like he is seeing his old friends. Never thought that the love between human and wild animal can be that strong.

* Photos from
* Video from

Back in Guala Rompur

04 August 2008

Note: Flower + Sunny from my sweet home.

Just back in the city in whole sticky body, sweat from top to bottom. Some said this is call sexy wor. If this is true, I rather dont want to be sexy then.

I dont like to go back by bus. I dont like to walk all the way from my place to LRT station, and from LRT station to Pudu. I dont like, especially under the stupid hot sun, with my little luggage switching between left and right hand, and my giant laptop in my back pack. Bo Lat already.

*Bo Lat (no energy)


03 August 2008

Note: Flower ka? Taken by Alan, somewhere in Taiping.

Went to Bukit Mertajam for my sis housewarming BBQ party. Although its called BBQ party, but no much guest actually took part in bakar bakar thingy. I myself dont prefer BBQ because its to warm for me. I dont like to get sweat while eating.

Bravo to mum for all delicious foods. Yummy !

Reborn {m-speak}

02 August 2008


Finally I turn this blog back alive. Amended my header with corresponding to month of August which is my graduation month. Feeling excited to attend my very first convocation day on 17 August. Talking like there will be the second convo tim. Who knows one day I will decide to take my second degree or master. Lalala...

Hope that I can manage this blog properly this time.